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Automotive Testing Show Brasil

6. + 7. August 2014 - Wir nehmen an der Messe teil.
Besuchen Sie uns in Sao Paulo auf dem Gemeinschaftsstand mit unserer Vertretung HAIDAR.


SAE Symposiom with paper:

Optimized XIL tool chain for RDE testing and benchmarking from early development stages to first prototype on the proving ground:
Elimination of the driver input incompatibilities from SIL to HIL to VIL chassis dyno to real car on Proving ground testing

The current strategy of the regulations towards the consideration of real driving emission RDE for passenger vehicles forces the car makers to optimize their developments and testing procedures of new vehicles, engines and powertrain concepts away from the focus on “standard” legalized certification test procedures such as FTP (CARB/EPA USA), ECE (European Union) and other domestic procedures like those in Japan, India, etc.
The focus hereby moves from synthetic conditions in a test lab where standardized v(t) based drive cycles are executed under defined ambient conditions on a chassis dynamometer, towards to real driving of vehicles by human drivers in the real world, real traffic and under real weather conditions world-wide.
This paper outlines the impact of the driver performance and driver behavior as the “generator” of input to the vehicle in the way of pedal actuations, shift performance and drive style.
In the way to shorten development time, XIL test bench configurations are well established.
The demands for detailed simulations/models/model parameterization of components require increasing development, validation and verification procedures.
One major step is here to eliminate different driver algorithms/implementations and use the same “driver” throughout the complete way and in all levels of the development – including robotic tests on chassis dyno and proving ground !
In order to cover different human driving behavior, it is mandatory, that the driver module must be capable to behave with different drive styles an driving strategies, corresponding to different human drivers – including professional emission lab drivers, an perform tests according to these requirements precise, repeatable and liable.

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