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Vertriebspartner USA & Kanada

21.04.15 - Ab heute übernimmt der bisherige Support - Partner TCS den kompletten US Vertrieb&Support&Marketing für Autopiloten, Roboter und Aktuatoren.


Wimsheim & White Lake, 21.04.15

Hereby both parties announce, that effective from today TCS is now the official main distributor for STÄHLE for sales & support for the territory of United States and Canada.
Warranty and support issues of existing STÄHLE products sold through SOLTEC will be handled by TCS.
Offers which have been provided by the former main distributor SOLTEC can be placed to SOLTEC until June 30th 2015 or directly handed over to TCS.
Please ask TCS for an update of the offer.
TestCell Service LLC, ("TCS") is a service, support and engineering company for dynamometer test cell equipment used in research, development, and testing labs by vehicle manufacturers and suppliers and has been active in the test cell industry since 1985.
TCS has a long standing relationship with Stähle and has been supporting the Stähle GmbH product line directly in North America since 2000. This includes installations, commissioning, service, repairs, training and interface engineering for existing systems.

Please contact TCS, Mr. Brian. P. Bucalo at
Tel: (248)-887-8197
Fax: (248)-889-5964

In case of question feel free to contact STÄHLE through phone or at

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