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2018 - New Generation of the wellknown AUTOPILOT SAP2000 in a new, highly-modular version

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New Generation of steering system SspFrontFree

November 2016 - Outstanding new generation of the steering system with all-new mounting principle, non-visible inner tooth gear and completely free and un-restricted view between spokes of the steering wheel

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New Generation of Autopilot GUI User Interface

November 2016 - Take advantage of the new comfortable, simple and consistent operation with new designs and new features.

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New Generation of Autopilot SAP-RAPID

May 2015 - Autopilot SAP-RAPID series: New Generation

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Steering wheel fixture for vehicle tests

February 2014 - System to fix the steering wheel angle during a vehicle test.

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Automated pedal actuator system

February 2014 - Pedal actuator system fot automated actuation and measurement of pedal strike and forces for identification of normed pedal characteristic

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New Generation of Autopilot SAP2000

February 2014 - Autopilot SAP2000 series: New Generation

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New Generation of Motorcycle Autopilot SMC2000

May 2013 - Autopilot SMC2000 for Motorcycles: New Generation available

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Steering systems: New, extremly fast variant of the SSP3000

February 2013 - Steering system SSP3000: New drive variant with 2500 °/sec at 85 Nm available !

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Laptop stand for vehicle mounting

November 2012 - New laptop stand for vehicle mounting with kink point for airbar release

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AUTOPILOTfor vehicle tests in hybrid mode with driver

April 2012 - New AUTOPILOT and STEERING PILOT versions for vehicle tests and automatted driving on proving grouds and test tracks

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testing of all-electric vehicles

06. October 2010 - Application: Autopilot to determine the legal range of electric vehicles

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AUTOPILOT SAP2000 Seat rail mounting

July 2010 - Fast fixture of the robot driver to the seat rail - fast alternative to belts !

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AUTOPILOT Fieldbus interfaces - OBD2 - CAN - PROFIBUS

July 2010 - Data exchange to dyno, vehicle, DAQ system, automation system via Fieldbus gateways

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DURABILITY TESTER System for component test

July 2010 - New Durability stress tests system for vehicle components

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AUTOPILOT System for Autonomous Driving

December 2009 - the first STÄHLE Autonomous Driving Actuator System was put in operation.

With this autonomous driving system the sensors and strategies of active collision avoidance systems of different vehicles will be tested and optimized.

New shift force measurement for AUTOPILOT Systems

November 2009 - Release of the new designed shift hand (grabber of shift lever knob) with integrated force measurement.

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Real-time Software System AUTOPILOT32

2008 - Release of the all-new Autopilot Real-Time Software Autopilot32 with new out-standing vehicle speed control and various new features.

The application runs under the real-time operating system INTIME from Tenasys as add-On to Microsoft Windows XP.

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