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AUTOPILOT SMC2000 series for Manual and Automatic Transmission 2 & 3 wheeler
Standard robot system for computer controlled driving of motor cycles (2-wheeler) and 3-wheelers (motorcycle style) on test stands.
Humanlike drive style and highest grade of repeatability allow the use for emission tests, mileage accumulation, climate tests, etc.
Different levels of systems, actuator configurations and integration interfaces are available.

STÄHLE AUTOPILOTS are employed throughout the world for testing of vehicles, vehicle components, fuels and lubricants, etc. on roll test beds.

Fields for application such as
- exhaust emission tests
- fuel economy tests
- running losses tests
- mileage accumulation & durability tests
- climatic tests
- transmission & power train tests
- acoustic tests
- correlation measurements
- R & D studies
- Hybrid and electrical vehicle tests
will be accomplished by robots with an extreme degree of reproducibility in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +80°C.

Optimization of consumption and exhaust gas parameters demands extremely high reproducibility of driving style. AUTOPILOTS will achieve deviations in the distance driven which are < 1m with a 17.86 km long emission cycle, as well as standard deviations of only 0.05% for consumption measurements.

Quick and easy installation of the driving mechanism in the vehicle, plus a learning cycle where, independent of any test and at one go, it will learn all the control parameters fully automatically, guarantee short setup and pre-run times, along with simple operation.

Versatile interfaces with roll test beds and host computer systems will enable complete integration into the entire test cell.

The modular design of the AUTOPILOTS makes it possible to offer various configurations, including stand-alone actuators, enabling for example the running of tests on transmission or engine test beds parallel to those on roll test beds using the identical actuators and control algorithms / strategies.

This allows correlating component tests with tests made on the vehicle.
An additional application for the AUTOPILOTS arises when they are supplemented by steering systems, so that they can be used for field driving tests on proving grounds or on flat belt test beds.
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